You heard me. Trying won't accomplish anything. Trying is loaded with defeat before we start. Here's an illustration to prove it:

Imagine a peach tree trying to produce fruit on its branches. If the tree only tries, it remains bare.
No fruit. The grower cuts down the unproductive vegetation because it's wasting valuable resources.
It's the same with us.
Do we use our precious energy only trying to get a job, write that novel, make our relationships work, and then stand barren in the orchard of life, wondering why it feels like an axe stands ready to slice through our roots, and toss us aside? Those loaded with fruit will thrive in the orchard. My brother-in-law is a Master Nursery-man. When a tree doesn't produce, he removes it, and a new plant takes its place.
Trying gets us nothing, but a trip to the dump.

We can try or we can do. Both are choices, but only one creates value.

Right now, try to pick up a pen. What happens? Do you have the pen in your hand or are your muscles tense, your hand hovering near, but unable to obtain the object?
You can try forever and wear yourself out, but you'll never hold the pen.
That's trying.
So stop it!
Now pick up the pen.
Wasn't that fast and easy? Those who do, obtain their goals with ease compared to those who try.

Decide today that there is no try only do.
Choose a worthy goal and list actions you can do to move toward your desire.
Then act.

Evict try from your vocabulary. Notice when you say it. It's an excuse to fail.
Either do something or don't, but don't say, 'I'll try'.


07/31/2012 9:05pm

Wow, talk about timely advice. "I'll try" says "I'm afraid," and can't even be said without a whine or heavy sigh. You're making a promise you have no intention of keeping. Now if I can only practice what I preach??

07/31/2012 9:08pm

So true!
It's a way to lie to yourself when you fear you'll fail.
Suck it up and get some courage.
True failure comes by trying.

Hugs, my sweet girl.

08/01/2012 9:51am

Great article Sandy, reminded me of the most renowned Jedi Master’s quote: Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.

08/01/2012 11:07am

The thought did cross my mind. Truth can be found everywhere.
Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting.

08/01/2012 10:05am

Great post, Sandy! I have to push myself every day to sit at my desk and get the word count allotment completed for my newest work-in-progress. And watching those words mount up is my reward. But if I just try to find time to get to my WIP each day, it just won't happen with all the other distractions I have to contend with.

08/01/2012 11:09am

I have the same issue. I wrote this post as much for my self as anyone.
There is no try, only do.
Thank you for supporting the blog.

08/01/2012 10:51am

You are quite the cheer leader, Sandy. I can absolutely verify what you say is true. I practiced writing for 22 years before I got the offer to published - not for one book but for five. That is 22 years of never giving up. Learning my craft and never even thinking of quitting. What I gained along the way was more self-confidence, finding great friends and a goal to work toward. August 21st that dream becomes a reality. Quit?? NEVER!!

08/01/2012 11:11am

Exactly! I loved hearing your story and meeting you at RWA nationals. You're an inspiration.
There is no quit!

08/01/2012 10:56am

Okay, I'll try. You are sooo right. It's the persistent that wins. The one that has the most shavings in the pencil sharpener. I'm going to have a plaque put around my license plate that says, "my casket's made from my very own pencil stubs." Thanks Sandy.

08/01/2012 11:23am

You make me laugh. If your casket is made of pencil stubs, mine will be made of my compressed old manuscripts. LOL. It will be epic size.
Hang in there and thanks for the support.

08/01/2012 12:15pm

You are so right--saying "I'll try" only sets you up for failure. When I was working I'd tell people I could do something an then run home and figure out how I was going to do it because at that point I had to do it or look like an idiot.

08/01/2012 4:06pm

Making your goals public does push your back to the wall and keeps you honest. I can relate to your feelings on this. I hate to look like a flake. Thank you for your support here and comments.

08/01/2012 1:25pm

Go Yoda! I mean, Sandy. Like Judy mentioned. Do or do not. There is no try. Thanks for the great reminder.

08/01/2012 4:08pm

There's a lot of wisdom in that little guy.
Thanks for the read Kim and all the support.
Huge hug.

08/01/2012 4:33pm

Trying has to be eliminated from our lives, as well as in our books. When I see a hero or heroine "trying" to do something, it takes me right out of the story.

Nike has it right. Just do it.

08/01/2012 6:45pm

Perfect! I love that you make sure your hero is awake and not trying.
It's not--heroic.

I add one thing t do it. "Now."

Thank you for the support and comment.

08/01/2012 5:15pm

You are absolutely right! So often, the prospect of doing something is more daunting and overwhelming than actually sitting down and doing it. It kind of reminds me of a lesson I learned long ago... When people say they "didn't have time" to do xyz...is it that they didn't have the time, or they didn't MAKE the time. We always have time - it's just a matter of how we choose to spend it. How many hours do we spend idling away in front of the TV? Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder.... :)

08/01/2012 6:47pm

This sounds like a terrific subject for another couching post.
Thank you for the inspiration!

08/01/2012 5:21pm

PS. AWESOME that you are donating your extra books from RWA to the local VA Hospital...the vets will appreciate it! Thanks for your kindness!

08/01/2012 6:49pm

It's the least I can do for those who have given so much.
Sharing is a gift I give myself.

Blessing to you, Lacey.

08/01/2012 7:32pm

First i have to say (again) I love the new site!

This post is right on the nail head. Great job reminding us to do to succeed, Sandy. Thanks.

08/01/2012 8:02pm

Thank you for your kind support and comments.
We all want to reach our goals and it's possible with the right mind set and action.

Best to you and success in doing.

08/02/2012 1:55pm

My grandfather used to tell me, "Spit in one had and wish in the other, see which one get full faster." I think that same adage could be applied to the word "trying."

Good post.

08/02/2012 3:46pm

Excellent comment. Your grandfather must have been a hoot.
And full of wisdom.
Thank you for the support.
I had a wonderful time at the HH meeting at nationals. Thank you for all your hard work.

JC Page (Jennifer)
08/06/2012 10:51pm

Wonderful advice Sandy! I have been writing forever...but must take the plunge to publish..try...try...try.

08/06/2012 11:02pm

Do! Do! Do!
Keep at it. Send it out and write more.
I'm know you will create your success.
It will happen.

Best to you!

08/23/2012 3:29pm

Awesome post, Sandy. I just found you! I know, I know. I had that pen in my hand and it didn't dawn on me to look up. Let alone, under the peach tree... I'm looking forward to all of your blog posts. Well done, you!

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