Don't get me wrong, I love merry-go-rounds and fun,
but some rides aren't worth the price of a ticket.

I love to give. Serving others puts a grin on my face and a bounce in my step.
Seeing joy light another's gaze fills me.
It's in receiving that I struggle.
Sound familiar?

For me, this stems from a long held belief that I don't deserve. I know this is bunk. If a friend hesitated to accept a compliment or gift, I'd remind her that I loved her and she's worthy.  Allowing me to show my appreciation and gratitude makes me happy.
We all feel this.
So why do we push off compliments and gifts with negative remarks?
We deflect with comments like:
Oh, you shouldn't have. This old thing? I picked it up on sale. It's nothing.
Oh yeah. I've used them all at one time or another.
Each time we brush off a gift or compliment, we tell the giver and ourselves that the gift is wasted. We won't receive it.
They were wrong to offer it.

Bull and double bull!

These statements are not signs of humility. They are proof of broken self esteem and leave the giver feeling bad. We didn't want their gift.
With our deflecting words, we sent it back unopened.
Rude! Selfish not humble! Selfish? Yep. We are more concerned in protecting our twisted view of self than being gracious and allowing them to feel good for a moment.
It's time to get off the merry-go-round of crap and scrape off our tennies.
Don't rob others of the joy of giving. Accept graciously with a simple, thank you.

This week, practice accepting graciously. Thank you with a smile is enough.
Appropriate acceptance promotes more giving and joy.

Spread joy and leave the crap in the pasture.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

We’ve talked about words that hurt. Today I want to turn our minds to the positive and healing opportunities of language. 

Words matter.

Those phrases that damage and tear down can be healed.

Allow me to share a personal story to illustrate:

My husband’s family tormented him as a child with cruel words and physical abuse. By the time Rob entered Jr. High School, he believed he was stupid and worthless.

Thank heaven for a teacher who saw Rob differently.  Mr. Johnson told this skinny boy that he was as smart as any of the kids in the class. He just needed to believe in himself.  To prove his trust in Rob’s abilities, Mr. Johnson gave him the task of audio-visual man for the school. If a film was to be shown, Rob set up the projector and made sure all went smoothly.  Mr. Johnson commended his excellent work and dubbed him the ‘immortal audio-visual man’. Rob’s grades improved. His damaged self-esteem began to heal and sprouted under this teacher’s nurture. This was the beginning of this boy’s successful life.

Would he have gotten there anyway? Rob doubts it.  This was a turning point in his life and Mr. Johnson made all the difference. Years later, Rob stopped by the school and found Mr. Johnson in his classroom preparing for tomorrow’s class. He looked up and saw a grown man where the child once stood.

Mr. Johnson smiled, called him by name and added, “the immortal audio visual man.”

Seeing worth in another and using words to lift them to their potential is a great gift.

There is no accident that you’re reading this. This message is for you. Know that you are valuable. You’re more than you think and greater than you seem.

Deep down, we are all immortal.

Has anyone made a difference in your life with kind and truthful words?