How do you make decisions?

I’m not talking about choosing between that gooey hot fudge sundae and decadent cherry cheesecake. That’s easy.

 Some of each. Please.

I’m referring to the meaty issues like career, marriage, school or moving to Australia.

While molten fudge ice cream bliss makes me smile, it’s not likely to change my life, but hauling my butt to Australia could. Those gigantic decisions can throw us into a tizzy. Yes, my mom says, tizzy. When it really matters, we can fret away sleep and burn calories pacing a groove in the wood floor.

Does this work?

Not so much.

Take a breath. Calm your mind and ask:
If I were independently wealthy and had no family or friends, what would I do?

Have an answer?

And that’s what pure emotion, ignoring reality and responsibility will get you. It's not good.
I’d be booking my trip for Australia and packing sun block.
While emotion and desire have their place, they aren’t the end of the matter. Bring in more tools.

1.    Reasoning

Make a pro/Con list.
Example: Pro
I get to taste exotic crocodile.

Exotic crocodile may eat me.

You get the idea. No. I wouldn’t eat crocodile.

2.    Knowledge

Gather information including what you know of yourself.
Example: Australia has some wicked bugs.

I hate bugs.

3.    Circumstances

These are basic truths in your life.

Example: I’m married. I like being married and so does my husband.
I won’t be married if I move to Australia.

I’m getting too rickety to sleep on the ground and still move in the morning.

4.    Counsel

Speak with others who have done what you’re looking to do.
Speak to family and friends you trust will be honest.

Example: (Mom) “Are you nuts? The Dingoes will get you!”
(Husband) “Are you out of your mind? How is our marriage supposed to work if you’re in Australia?”

There were some good points to consider. There are Dingoes. Grin.

There you have it, my short list for making important choices in life.


Nope. I’m not moving in with the aborigines.

I can barely get off the floor after a rousing game of “Candy Land” with the grand daughter.
And I’d miss my family.
And being married to my husband.

I’ll plan a vacation to Australia and sleep in a bed and eat normal food. No crocodile or bugs on the menu.
Tonight, I’ll snuggle up to my hubby and watch Crocodile Dundee.
Now that’s a good choice.

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