Who do you listen to?

 As children we listen to our parents and teachers. Teens follow their friends. Adults add to this council from media and employers. We ask others to weigh in on everything from our new hair cut to our mate’s infidelity. It’s great to have emotional support. We need it.

But many of us have neglected to confer with the one person that knows us best, ourselves.

Being brought up to please everyone but myself, valuing my own opinion came hard.

I trusted people who used me. I believed it when I was told my instincts were wrong.
There was a price to pay for trusting everyone but myself and it wasn’t pretty.

Why don’t we listen to ourselves?

Because we’re told that acting for ourselves is selfish or our gut is wrong. This brainwashing began as children, took hold, and now many of us question our gut and that small voice of reason.

When I pondered this, I realized that people lie to children to cover uncomfortable situations:

“No dear. Daddy isn’t drunk. He’s just tired. Where do you come up with this stuff?
Such a wild imagination you have.”

No wonder we don’t value our inner voice. The truth is, Daddy had been toasted to the gills. You were right!  Time to own that truth and renew the relationship with your inner wisdom.


The same way you would in any friendship, by making contact and listening.

Contact can take the form of meditation, journaling or prayer. You choose what feels right for you.

A few minutes a day will make a big difference in your ability to hear and understand the quiet voice of reason.  In a recent meditation, I learned that I was out of balance. I needed more exercise and time with family. This allowed me to alter my schedule and I’m happier for it.

I challenge you to make time for a daily visit with yourself. Let us know what happens.



03/05/2013 8:18pm

I'll take that challenge, Sandy. Great post to help me remember what's important.

03/06/2013 10:49am

Glad that you're taking it on, Stan. Though I think you have already embraced listening within. You're an inspiration. You are one woman who walks her talk.

Doree DePew
03/05/2013 9:06pm

Okay, I will. But, if the guys in white jackets pull up in the driveway, I'm sending them to your house and telling them it's your idea. Seriously, it's a great reminder and I intend to take your challenge.

03/06/2013 10:50am

Terrific Doree! I'm glad that you're joining me on getting clear about who you are and what you want by going to the source--you!
Thanks for the wisdom you share with me and honesty. I value your friendship.

Tracie Fielden
03/06/2013 5:14am

Sometimes our own inner voice plays such toxic nonsense the only answer is just what you suggested. Meditation, prayer...whatever gets us some perspective. Good Blog Sandy

03/06/2013 10:55am

High praise coming from one of the truly amazing women I know. Thank you, Tracie! Life can be distracting and too many voices makes it difficult to hear our truth. We all need quiet time to get clear.
Thank you for visiting the blog.

03/06/2013 5:18am

Such great advice, Sandy. I got my start writing because of the years I kept journals. They were my lifeline to sanity. It was in those journals that I found myself. It's an invaluable tool for self reflection and really getting to know yourself. Thanks for sharing your experience and encouraging us all to honor our own truth and trust our gut..

03/06/2013 10:53am

I am a big believer in keeping a journal. It has been a great place to vent and come to terms with issues I tried to hide from. Thank you for sharing your experience and how it has helped you. Our truth lies within us. I'm thankful for your sharing that.

03/06/2013 5:45am

I have learned to listen to that inner voice. it's when I don't that I get into trouble.

03/06/2013 10:57am

Well said! I know that's true for me as well. I don't listen and I regret it. I'm glad that you have found your center of wisdom and embraced it, Sandy. People connecting with their truth makes me smile.

03/06/2013 5:55am

That is what my daily walk(s) on the beach is for. I need time to my self to think.

03/06/2013 10:58am

Oh, I wish I had a beach to walk along. Walking is one form of meditation for many of us. When Utah thaws out, it's my favorite way to work through things and connect with deep wisdom. Thank you for sharing that option.

03/06/2013 7:38am

I think it's age that helps us become wiser and maybe more stubborn. For ma, anyway, this allows me to hear myself first these days. Great post.

03/06/2013 1:08pm

I don't know if it's age or experience. We learn what doesn't work. I'm glad that you have gained the skill of listening to your higher truth.
I can see that light in your eyes.

03/06/2013 8:12am

Great post, Sandy! I'm working my way through the book, Untethered Soul, which talks about quieting that doubting voice. Taking moments throughout the day to become 'present' is a very pleasant experience!

03/06/2013 1:19pm

Excellent book! Getting to know yourself and that quiet inner voice is grounding and I'm so glad that you value yourself enough to take the journey.

03/06/2013 8:18am

Great post. When I started to listen to my body last year, it started to work with me instead of against me, and I'm all better for it.

I believe we know the truth down deep, but it's covered with the dust of a life-long road trip. It's when we take the time to dust off that good things start happening.

03/06/2013 1:21pm

I love your perspective! I'm proud of you for taking the time to find your body's truth and follow it. It's courageous to act in the face of others saying different. Applause Carole!

03/07/2013 6:43am

I love this post, Sandy. Well said. We certainly get wrapped up in life and easily ignore our own needs. I'm guilty of running and gunning and not taking time for me. I'm famous for saying "woulda, coulda, shouldas'll kill ya" I shall take my own warning! Thanks.

03/07/2013 7:13am

Thank you for stopping by and supporting the blog. We all struggle with tuning in. It never hurts to get a nudge and I love to be nudged by you too!

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