Happiness is the reward for our success. Right?

Tell that to a giddy child.
According to psychologists, that's backward.
Happiness creates success and all the great things we hope for in life.
To twist your brain further, happiness is not only a choice of perception, it's also a habit we can learn.

Some of you are arguing that there is a genetic link to your happiness quotient.

It turns out that this is only partially true.
Your mental capacity for joy can be altered with practice. Yep.
You can no longer use your DNA as an excuse for pessimism or a grumpy mood. Sorry.

 Scientists have found that you can create new pathways in your brain for the positive.
Gratitude, positive attitude and belief that you have control and choice in every situation are powerful tools.

It's not the circumstances that defeat us, but our perspective of those circumstances.

It's the old glass half full or half empty.

 HOMEWORK:  Look for the good by finding three things each day that you're grateful for.
It's a start to creating that new pathway in your brain.
Wield your joy like a sword. Believe! Whether you think you can pull Excalliber from the stone or not, you're right.
Believe in your success and act accordingly. Your joy and energy will increase.

I have to take a moment to give a plug for a wonderful book on positive psychology. Groundbreaking!
The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.

It rocks.
The book explains the science behind happiness and success as well as giving the tools to create lasting change in your life. It's a keeper. This fine work inspired this post.

Be happy. Be successful!


09/17/2013 8:12am

Wow! Love this post. We are riding the same positive vibration! Sunday and Monday I wrote the blog that will be posted on 10/14 called I Believe I Can Fly that talks about these very principles. I think as we are enveloped with natural disasters and world-wide warfare, as well as the everyday ups and downs we all experience, we look to resources to buoy us up. To help us find some ray of sunshine in a day that may be more dreary than others. Thanks for writing such an inspirational post. My spirits have been lifted and I feel tickly inside...hmmm. Thanks for the happies today!

09/17/2013 10:12am

Thank you, Jude! You're always a bundle of sunshine. I appreciate your support and your posts. The naval shootings were just another reason to grasp onto happiness and hold on tight.
I will be looking for your post awaiting my own tickly feeling. Grins.

09/17/2013 10:00am

Thanks Sandy. I love all reminders to Be Happy!

09/17/2013 10:13am

Thank you, Stan! Just spreading the sunshine amid dark clouds.

09/17/2013 11:03am

Sending you happy thoughts for the great post.

09/17/2013 12:56pm

Thanks, Judy! I'm accepting those happy thoughts and am most grateful for them. Sending some your way.

09/18/2013 6:18am

Interesting post, Sandy. Something to think about. I like the idea of finding three positives in each day.

09/18/2013 11:24am

Thank you for checking it out, Calisa! I'm also working on the be grateful list daily. There is a gift in everything.
You're one of mine.

09/19/2013 10:13am

Wow! Great post. And I think it's so true. I know when I'm feeling down, I can choose to wallow in it or I can do something else that I enjoy and think about things that bring me happiness and in no time, my mood has improved. Thanks for reminding us!

09/19/2013 4:44pm

thank you, Rhonda! I've never found you sad. You must have practiced the art of happiness until you are a pro. Hugging a fur ball helps. Grins.

09/19/2013 5:25pm

Those fur-babies definitely make a huge difference! :-)

Carol Stokes
09/21/2013 12:46pm

Loved this post!
I could "feel" your positive energy when I sat next to you at one of the RWA National workshops!
Isn't it interesting? I know all of this "stuff" about being positive - and yet, I allow myself get down too many times!
Thanks for sharing this wonderful, positive post!
Enjoyed talking to you!
Carol H Stokes - My twin sister, Carmen Crowley, was at the Atlanta conference with me - as we write together. She had a chance to meet you, also!

09/21/2013 6:51pm

I love you two, so full of energy and smiles. Thank you for your support and dedication. You keep me at the keys punching away.
Continued success to you!

Donna Coe-Velleman
09/27/2013 8:24pm

Interesting post - good points. Thanks for the recomendatoin of the book. Just might check it out.

09/28/2013 7:28am

Thanks for the read and support. The Happiness Advantage is well worth your time. Your library may have it. It's great help to any author looking to increase their success.

10/05/2013 11:02am

Wonderful article. I linked to it at www.facebook.com/posichatter. Gotta spread the cheer! Thank you for sharing.

10/05/2013 3:32pm

I'm glad that you enjoyed it!
Thank you for spreading the smiles.

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