The only things in this life that you’ll regret are the risks that you didn’t take.
Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard that before. Me too!
But do we do anything about it?
We have the choice to go after our dreams and make things happen or we can sit back and take it easy.

If you stare at a box of cake mix does it get baked?
No. Nothing happens.
Nothing. My three-year-old grand daughter can tell you that. The same is true for our dreams and our life.

It’s human nature to fight change and do what’s easy. Easy is a choice, but choosing it means that you won’t reach your goal of losing weight, write your novel or learn Russian.

Easy means we won’t act unless we’re forced to. This means you won’t lose weight until after a heart attack. You may never finish the novel or learn the language because most dreams are things we want to do, rather than must do to survive.

Easy means we’d rather watch TV, eat a burger and goof off than get off of our sorry butt and make the cake.
Those cupcakes won’t bake themselves and neither will your dreams.

Dreams take effort. Walt Disney didn’t create Disneyland by sitting on his tush doing nothing. He made it happen.
He knew the secret of success.

I’m going to share it with you: Sustained effort. That’s it!

Work hard.

Keep at it.


Most people don’t succeed because they aren’t willing to work. They play, hoping that somehow the cake will be baked and someone will hand them a thick luscious slice.

Guess what, not happening.

Creating your dreams and making your life work is up to you.
I won’t sugarcoat this:
No one else really gives a damn about your dream.

That’s harsh. But getting to the end of your life full of regret and having never tasted that cake, that’s far crueler.

Open the box of your dreams, read the directions, set your goals and then follow them. Do something! If you find the cake wasn’t as good as you’d hoped, try another flavor and go for it. Keep at it. You will accomplish something just through the effort. The biggest regret is having never tried.

Dreams are what make us human; working toward them is what makes life worth living.

 I hope to see you bake your hearts out and eat your cake.



01/26/2013 10:16pm

Yeah, I admit it...I'm one of the lazy ones. I need to make some changes & move forward, or sideways, or whatever...just move. Many people enable us to stay stuck, baking the cake for us. Only it's their cake they bake, not ours.

01/27/2013 6:41am

Terrific insight! It is their cake they make and they keep most of it, handing us a sliver expecting us to fall down in gratitude.
Thank you for commenting and sharing.

L.L. Muir
01/26/2013 10:18pm

No one is lazy who has found their purpose in life. Who wouldn't want to go to work when they're doing what they love?

01/27/2013 6:44am

I hope this is true. I know of more than a few who are too lazy to look for their purpose and hence the outcome is dismal. A few have ended up homeless. Thank you for your upbeat comment. I believe it. I'm glad that most people do find purpose and go after it.


01/27/2013 5:03am

No baking here, my waistline won't take it. My maternal grandfather used to say, "Spit in one hand and wish in the other, see which one gets full faster."

01/27/2013 6:47am

I love that! Wishing alone won't get us far. Thanks for making me smile with the comment.
You could put out a short book of your family's proverbs.

01/27/2013 5:17am

Right on sister! I love the cake analogy and will use it to motivate my clients if you don't mind:-)

Harv Ecker (Motivational speaker and finance guru) says, "If you're only willing to do what's easy, life will be hard. But if you're willing to do what's hard, life will be easy." I have that hanging on my cork board. Words to live by, for sure.

My best friend once gave me a small plaque to put on my desk. It reads, "She believed she could, so she did." I love it that she knows me so well:-)

01/27/2013 6:50am

I'm in total agreement with you and Harv. I live by doing what's hard first and life does fall into place. What you can believe you can achieve! Keep believing sister! You're doing it.

01/27/2013 5:51am

How many people do you know who tell you, "I have an idea for a book I'm going to write some day?" How many actually write the book? We, as writers, know that writing a book is only done by sitting down and writing it. And not talking about it until you write "the end."

01/27/2013 6:52am

You make me smile. This is true and part of why I wrote this post. I know too many people who are all talk and do nothing. You aren't one of those. Keep at it! I love watching you create your dreams.

01/27/2013 8:32am

Great post!! I agree 100%! We have to take action and make our dreams come true, and also believe in ourselves... believe that we can make it happen.

01/27/2013 8:55am

Belief in ourselves is a vital. Great insight Vonda!
I enjoy watching you succeed in your writing. It pushes me along in my own dream. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

01/27/2013 8:47am

Nice post, Sandy! You are absolutely right about hard work. You also have to persevere. Even if you get frustrated for a day, get back at it the next day. I believe it will pay off!

01/27/2013 8:57am

Well said Keira. It will pay off. No action is ever wasted. We learn from what doesn't work and do better tomorrow. Sticking with our dream and working at it will get us there.
Thanks for your fine comment.

Dena Piraino
01/27/2013 10:13am

I lived a dream in 1986 when I opened a business. Worked at it full time for 11 years. Then part time for a few more. A hurt back, a broken hip and another medical problem slowed me way down to where I only do a few events a years now. But I wouldn't trade my years for anything. I got to tour our wonderful country and make some great lifelong friends. And the memories................

01/27/2013 11:22am

That's wonderful! Great example for the rest of us to go for it. And the reminder that when it's all over, you have the memories.

01/27/2013 10:40am

So true!

01/27/2013 11:42am

Thanks for the read and the support!

Hugs and keep at it. I know it's going to be great!

01/27/2013 10:44am

All so very true, Sandy!

01/27/2013 11:43am

Thanks for the support Gerri! You're on the list for the drawing for Apollo's Gift.

Donna Coe-Velleman
01/27/2013 5:48pm

You're so right. I tend to be lazy though I wasn't always. Something changed but it's time to reverse it. Thanks for the reminder. : )

01/27/2013 6:18pm

Maybe you aren't lazy, just overbooked and worn out. Thanks for the comment and support!

01/27/2013 6:35pm

What a great analogy, Sandy! I need to get baking...err...writing. :-) Congrats on the new release! Can't wait to read it!

01/27/2013 6:43pm

Rhonda! Thanks for the support and your wonderful spirit.
I wish you much success also!

01/28/2013 6:28am

I think even if we don't get to follow them, dreams are what keep the majority of us going. Great post, Sandy.

01/28/2013 6:31am

Dreams keep hope alive. We need hope to keep us going. You have it so right as always. Dreaming is a vital part of a life.

Thanks for the wisdom and support.


01/29/2013 8:19am

Sandy, I'm working hard, I'll keep at it and I'll keep repeating - good article.

01/29/2013 8:57am

that's what it takes. Thanks for reading the blog and I wish you all the success you desire from your efforts.


01/30/2013 4:18pm

You are so right. Your blog reminds me of one of my favorite thoughts -- If it is to be, it's up to me.

01/30/2013 5:57pm

Excellent comment. Everything is up to us, good or bad. thanks you for the wisdom and support.

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