I won! I won! Okay, this is more of a nomination by a good friend and talented author than a win, but I accept. Thanks Stanalei Fletcher for nominating my blog.  Stanalei is a wise woman with experience in martial arts, the military and computers. She’s also kind and a hoot. You may check out her blog here:


This award comes with a list of rules:

Visit the blog of the person who nominated you, thank them, and acknowledge them on your blog.

Answer the questions below and nominate up to 20 bloggers whom you feel are awesome and deserving of notice. Visit their blog and let them know.

Cut and paste the award to your wall.

The questions: If you could change one thing, what would you change?

That’s tough. What I’ve been through has made me who I am. If I had to change one thing, I think I’d stand up for myself more. I’ve gotten better at that, but there’s room for improvement.

If you could repeat any age, what would that be?

Repeat? I do not believe in going back. I prefer to focus on the future. No do-overs.

What is the one thing that really scares you?

Water. I almost drowned as a kid. On a deeper level, I’d say failure. I hate to mess up and feel irrelevant. I fear at the end of my life that I’d find it wasted on things that didn’t matter. My grandmother said as much about her own life when she passed. I do not want that same experience.

If you could be someone else for the day, who would it be?

Hmmm. I don’t relish being another person. I don’t want to trade their troubles for my own. As for being able to pick their brain, I want to sit down with my ancestors and learn what they would do differently.

And my nominations are:

Joelene Coleman

Doree Anderson

Jewel Adams

Rhonda Hopkins
And I want to announce that my vampire romance, CONQUERED, goes FREE on Friday 2/22 through Sunday the 24th on Amazon.


Thanks my friends!



02/22/2013 5:42am

Congrats, Sandy! Well deserved and I think your answers are very thoughtful.

02/22/2013 5:57am

Thanks Calisa!
I appreciate you stopping by.

02/22/2013 5:53am

I love you interview. Congratulations!! It's cool to be nominated for something by your friends.

02/22/2013 5:58am

Thanks Ella. It was a fun interview. It's being nominated by Stan that means the most.

02/22/2013 6:53am

Awesome, Sandy! And thanks!

02/22/2013 8:21am

Thanks for stopping by. You deserve the nomination. Best success to you!

02/22/2013 7:03am

Amazing! my answers would have been the same :) Congratulations on the nomination.

02/22/2013 8:22am

Thanks Sandy B. Hope all is going well for you, sweet girl. Much success!

02/22/2013 8:03am

Well done, Sandy! Love the no Do-over answer. A great philosophy.

02/22/2013 8:23am

Thanks for the nomination and stopping by, Stan!
Congrats on your latest release!

02/22/2013 8:41am

Good for you! And Stanalei Flethcher IS a wonderful person :)

02/22/2013 8:46am

Thanks! Are you back to blogging? You were really entertaining.

02/24/2013 9:39am

Congratulations on your nomination, Sandy! It's well deserved. :-) I loved your answers, especially about focusing on the future.

Thank you so much for nominating my blog. I'm honored.

02/24/2013 9:53am

You deserve it. I love all the good you do on Author's give back!
And your fun personality shines all the time making reading you a pleasure.

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