The world is out teacher, constantly sending gentle lessons our way. Think of them as course corrections. We ignore most of these because we’re busy and fail to hear the subtle murmur prodding us to act.
   This instructor speaks through feelings and situation. Humans were once eloquent in the use of metaphor and symbolism, but this skill is going the way

of Latin, becoming a dead language to all but scholars.
This ability isn’t difficult to learn.

 Awareness is key.

Basically, this is how the course corrections work:

The Universe sends a small message, like a car sounding odd. We may choose to ignore it. If we do, the sound gets worse and now is grinding. We’ll take the car in to be looked at as soon as we have more time. But we don’t.
Now we have a crisis, the car won’t start. Or a disaster, we have an accident because the transmission failed on the freeway.
Here’s an example:

I’ve a family member who had a great job. He made six figures in sales without the aid of a college degree. Money poured in. As a single guy, he bought jet skis he used twice, theater tickets he ended up giving away, and generally pissed away his earnings.  He ignored the odd noise.  When something seems too good to be true—it is! Pay attention.

When the company went through a merger and restructuring, he was offered his same position at a cut in pay for two years, but stock in the new company. He was convinced that lucrative jobs were abundant for a guy like him. He declined and accepted a generous severance package, enough to live on comfortably for two years. This would be a gear grinding.

What did he do?

He looked for a job, expecting to land the same pay for a similar position. After three months, realization slapped his fanny.  You’re 38 years old with a high school education. We need someone with a college degree, but we can offer you a position at $24,000.00 per year.

Did he listen to the Universe screaming at him and go to school? He had the time and the money.

Hell no!

He was unemployed for three years before his funds ran out and he had to borrow from a relative to keep from loosing his home. He currently works a mediocre sales job for average pay.

Yes, this is a true story.  Ugh!!!  Truth is stranger than fiction.
He ignored the signs, the nudge, the grinding gears halting his progress and ending in near disaster.

Where in your life is the Universe nudging you?


01/03/2013 8:32pm

What a hard reminder to wake up to. I totally agree that awareness is the key and the first step to keeping your universe in line. I feel the Universe nudging me to be a better person and to make the most of my time in fruitful endeavors. Your post is most timely. Thanks Sandy.

01/04/2013 6:48am

Thanks you for the read. I've been working on this myself. What is worth my time and energy and what is just sucking away my life.
Congratulations again on your success. Love it!

01/03/2013 9:12pm

Nice post - a reminder that we need to remember that nothing lasts without a solid foundation.

01/04/2013 6:49am

There is no lazy way to keep success. It's hard work, sustained effort.
Thank you for your insight!
Stay aware.

01/03/2013 9:30pm

Today after I got home from work, All I wanted to do was nap.(fighting a bronchial bug) and I didn't feel like writing, so I took a nap and when I got up I took some herbal tea to wake up. Yogi brand has little tags with sayings on them like chineese fortune cookies. Mine said,"Honour your words and through your words you will be honoured," I just smiled and said ok universe I got he nudge and went and did my daily word count. Serendipitous to see this post. afterwards. Good points made.

01/04/2013 6:52am

You listened, you acted on it, you are a star at following the nudge.
Fantastic! Thanks for sharing your everyday experience. That's how it's done.
Honor the whispers and your words!

01/04/2013 4:50am

Great post, Sandy! Oh, how true! Sometimes the nudge is called instinct. I think of it as my little guardian angel on my shoulder :)
It often tells me to stop procrastinating.....

01/04/2013 6:55am

There are many names for the nudge. Holy Spirit, higher self, your gut, all good.
Stop procrastinating? You are a hoot! That's the main issue for those of us who write.
Not so gentle whisper: You should be writing.
Hugs. And me too!

01/04/2013 5:23am

It took years of counseling, martial arts, yoga, and well...maturity, for me to learn to "listen" when the Universe whispered--and even occasionally screamed--for me to wake up. Most of us learn as children to shut down our intuition and internal cues that something is wrong. It's a protective mechanism known as denial! If I ignore this problem, sensation, message, or sign, maybe it will go away and everything will turn out fine. I don't know how many dead car engines, lost jobs, or catastrophic consequences need to happen, but most of us stubbornly learn the hard way that it's much easier and healthier to simply pay attention and do the right thing. The Universe speaks to us through our spirit and knows our greatest good, we just need to learn to trust ourselves and our intuition, and accept that guidance. Thanks for the reminder, Sandy. We all have times when we ignore the whispers. It's never a good idea:-)

01/04/2013 7:00am

I hope everyone reads your comment because it's beautifully brilliant.
Wisdom comes from within. We just need to pay attention and act. I know too many people on the denial train. Sigh. I've been there too. No one can help you until you help yourself. True for all of us.
Thanks for the support. So glad that you're aware!

01/04/2013 6:10am

Great post. So many nudges go unheeded because we're in our comfort zone, the nudge would require faith in the unknown, we doubt our abilities, etc. I've always been one who jumps in the deep end then figures out how to rise to the top. It's scary, frustrating and rewarding. As you point out, the trick is to BE AWARE. Struggles abound in our lives, yet we have the opportunity to overcome anything if we simply listen to the Universe, our hearts, and our dreams. A lesson I'm guilty of learning over and over and over again!

01/04/2013 7:03am

Well said! I'm all for jumping in and getting it done--when I allow myself to listen to what 'it' is. Always learning and growing. I'm feeling a nudge in my life and need to find the cause. Always something. Thank you for sharing the journey.

01/04/2013 6:25am

After nearly 40 years of marriage, I have learned to listen to my husband's intuition. If he says something doesn't seem right, it usually isn't. I'm trying to hone that instinct in myself. The voice is there, we must attune ourselves to it.

01/04/2013 7:06am

We have the opposite situation at our house. My husband doubts his gut, but he's right when he listens to it. I live by mine. That makes for interesting discussions. "I just know", can drive a skeptic a little crazy.

I'm glad that you're sharpening this tool in your life. I'm sure you use it more than you realize. Thank you for your support. Hugs!

01/04/2013 8:08am

Nice post, Sandy. I'm learning to listen to my "gut" while writing. It's something that is taking me years and I still don't have it down. Sometimes I listen and I get it wrong, sometimes I listen and get it right. It's a process and will take time, but it's worth investing in.
Thank you for your story.

01/04/2013 8:26am

Sharpening that listening skill takes a life time. I'm still at it. We do get better with each effort. Thank you for supporting the blog. May you always be aware and success be your reward.

01/04/2013 8:30am

Great reminder, Sandy. I try to listen, but there's only so much one can hear over the 'other's tv! :) In other words, sometimes it takes two listening to get anywhere.

01/04/2013 5:22pm

LOL. Yes, I get the T.V. thing. At times, I have to head downstairs to think. We do what we can.

01/04/2013 11:02am

I've always been the king of gal who needs "signs" actually printed or written in the sky. Gentle whispers get drowned out by my noisy thoughts and consequently, I've learned some hard life lessons. I think it's the denial P.J. talked about above. It always seemed the "nudge" meant something bad so if I ignored it, nothing bad happened. The term "misguided fool" could be inserted in my personal profile. Hopefully the wisdom of age has taught me to tune my hearing aid so I don't miss out on the important messages meant for me. Thank you Sandy. As always, very timely.

01/05/2013 8:11am

I have a family that lives in the denial zone of life. It drove my nuts. So much of the hardships in life can be avoided if we open our eyes and ears. Glad that you turned up your hearing aid and avoid the better part of the trouble.

01/04/2013 1:04pm

Interesting story. In a way I did what he did in walking away from a lucrative career, but I'd been looking for something else to do for a while, I just hadn't realized it. When I started to write, it all came together. Financially, it's rough, but I'm happier than I've been in a long time.

01/04/2013 5:24pm

There's a huge difference, you followed your heart, your dream. You did not sit in limbo and I know it's working out for you. That's what happens when you follow your gut. Trouble comes when we fight against it. Congrats on all the success. So happy for you!

01/05/2013 7:47am

Great Blog, Sandy. It's so true. As long as we can muddle through our day, we don't listen. I think it's so important to have some quiet time each day so we can hear the heavens giving us the course corrections.

01/05/2013 8:08am

And we all need to correct our course on occasion, maybe not an entire 180, but an alteration. Thanks for supporting the blog!
Congrats on your success. Awesome!

01/22/2013 10:49am

Nice post, Sandy. So, so true. Gossip runs rampant in this world and I try not to take part in it. But it's hard when everyone does it. You have to really be prepared to shut it down.

01/30/2013 5:56pm

You can't get in trouble for things you don't say.We are surrounded by gossip. Media is full of it. Reality TV depends on us wanting to watch and talk about others lives. It's more than unfortunate, it's pitiful.
thanks for the comment!

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